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"The actual birth was one of the most amazing days of my life. Nova came into the world in the most perfect way" - Amie

Your Midwife will be on-call for your labour twenty-four hours a day. If she is busy with another client you will be attended by your Secondary Midwife.

Wherever you have chosen to have your baby you can be assessed at home when you feel you are going into labour.

When your baby is born you will receive assistance and support with breastfeeding and your Midwife will stay with you until you feel settled.

Home birth
Research shows that planned homebirth is a safe choice and is less likely to result in unnecessary medical intervention.

If you have chosen to have your baby at home your Midwife will stay with you during labour, helping and advising on ways to assist its progress and to cope with contractions.

Some women like to use a birthing pool or TENs machine for pain relief, we will provide these at no extra cost. Our Midwives are experienced in water birth so you can remain in the water to deliver your baby feeling assured that you will be in safe hands. Our equipment is waterproof so we will be able to monitor your baby without causing you unnecessary disruption.

Hospital birth
There may be clinical reasons for having your baby in hospital, or it may make you feel more comfortable. Either way we are happy to support you with your hospital birth.

We will care for you at home until you are ready to transfer. We will advise on positions and therapies to help and progress your labour and accompany you into hospital when it feels appropriate.

Once you are in hospital we will continue to provide your labour care as well as acting as your advocate so that your birth choices are adhered to as far as possible by the hospital. The continuity and reinforcement of information will ensure that you feel positive in even the most clinical of settings

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